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About Jourdo

My passion for health and wellness was always quieted by my 15+ years of experience in sales. I exceeded multi million dollar quotas selling software with a goal to be a full time real estate investor. I also invented the 27 second opener, endorsed by Chris Voss, the author of “Never Split The Difference,” which is now used by hundreds of inside sales teams.

Once I surpassed my goal of becoming a full time real estate investor by the age of 40, I quickly realized I was unfulfilled, which led me to exploring my love for empowering people to nourish themselves. I finally landed at home in Mexico, kite surfing and sharing my love for health and wellness. I am eager to help people see how little they actually need, to be happy. 

“When I participated in The Nothing Doing Experience with Jourdan, I was on the verge of losing everything. And I was terrified. I quickly realized that I needed to lose everything, and now I am living my purpose and passion, with the best relationships I’ve ever had.

It truly is a life changing experience when you learn to let go of what doesn’t matter, and move toward meaning and fulfillment.”

– Doug Wyatt, former COO of SleepSana and current CEO of Synergy Learning Systems